TEN Group is intensively developing in the field of urban planning, exploring new territories, introducing innovative technologies and creating high-quality projects to improve public urban infrastructure. Over the years, TEN Group has implemented more than 20 objects, including a large-scale renovation project of the part of ZIL industrial zone, sports facilities, social infrastructure facilities for various purposes, the largest retail real estate in Moscow, including a chain of shopping centers known under “GOROD” brand. In the near future, the company is to construct several shopping centers in the Moscow region and implement projects of the renovation of former industrial areas in the capital.

Map of objects

Projected and implemented projects
All objects
Residential real estate
Business centers
Shopping malls
Sports facilities
Agricultural complexes
Moscow Region, Balashikha, Abramtsevo quarter, vl. 54A.
“Abramtsevo Retail Park”
Moscow, EAD, Svyatoozerskaya str., 1A
“Kosino Park” shopping and entertainment center
“Pilsner” Restaurant Chain
Moscow, SEAD, md.126 of the Ryazansky district
126 block
Moscow, SAD, Avtozavodskaya str., vl. 23
Business center "Park Legend" first stage
Moscow, EAD, Sokolnichesky val, 1B
Sokolniki Ice Palace
Moscow Region, Ozersky district, Bokovo-Akulovo village
The livestock complex of JSC "Bokovo"
Moscow, SAD, Avtozavodskaya str., 23A
VTB Ice Palace
Moscow, SEAD, Aviamotornaya str., 10, room 1-2
“Avia-Plaza” Business Center
Moscow, EAD, Novoukhtomskoe sh., 2A
“GOROD Kosino” shopping and entertainment center
Moscow, SEAD, sh. Enthusiastov, 12/2
“GOROD Lefortovo” Shopping and Entertainment Center
Ryazansky district of the SEAD, 126th block
“Gosniti” Residential Complex
Moscow, SAD, Avtozavodskaya str., vl. 23
Hockey Museum
Restaurant chain "Kozlovitsa. Czech Beer house"
Moscow, SAD, Avtozavodskaya str., 23A, bldg.4
Water sports complex
Moscow, SAD, Avtozavodskaya str., vl. 23
Anastasia Davydova Olympic Synchronized Swimming Center
Moscow, SEAD, Aviamotornaya str., 12
Lefortovo Business House
Restaurant "Kozlovna"
Moscow, SEAD, Ryazansky ave., 2, k.2
Shopping and entertainment center “GOROD on Ryazansky”
Moscow region, Ozery city, Parkovaya str., 2g
“Arena Legend” Ice Palace
Moscow, SEAD, Ryazansky ave., 2, k.3
“GOROD-Plaza” Business Center
Moscow, SEAD, Ryazansky Ave., 2, room 3
Shopping and office complex “GOROD on Ryazanky”
Moscow, SAD, Orekhovy b-r str., 22A
“Oblaka” shopping and entertainment center
Moscow, SAD, Avtozavodskaya str., vl. 23
Business center "Park Legend" the 2nd stage
Tavern "Vechera na hutore" (Evenings on the farm)
Moscow, SEAD, Ryazansky ave., vl. 3-5
Business center "10"
Moscow, SEAD, sh. Entuziastov, 12/2
Shopping and entertainment center “GOROD Lefortovo-2“
Moscow, SEAD, Lublinskaya str., 153
Shopping center "L-153"